WHAT WE DO: We help you determine a thesis statement, research for your paper or essay, organize your thoughts, and walk you through the process of writing. Once you have a draft, we will proofread and edit it for you.

WHERE: We’re based in Southern California. Within the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area, including Riverside and Orange Counties, we can work with you in person for a $20 travel fee. For the rest of the United States, we can work with you via email, text,  phone, and Google Documents, which allows us to work with you on the same document at the same time, wherever you are.

HOW IT WORKS: Everyone’s different, so we don’t have cookie-cutter services. For instance, you may have finished your paper and all you really need is proofreading and editing. We can do that. Or if haven’t yet started your paper, we’ll ask for the details of your assignment, and start from scratch. Perhaps you have a vague idea for a thesis but it’s not quite there. We can sit with you and ask the right questions to help draw that perfect thesis out of you. Or if research is your problem, we can help there too. We can deal with every aspect of essay and term paper writing.

It’s important to note that we will not write the paper for you. Our goal is to work side by side with you (in person or virtually), and iron out the problems you may have so that when the next assignment comes along, perhaps you’ll be better prepared to conquer it. If not, we’re always here to help.

TIME: Many people have asked how much time we’re willing to put in for the amount we quote. The answer is as much time as it takes to finish the job. We don’t charge by the hour or watch the clock as we work; this is all about you and your paper. What we care about is creating the best end product with you.

FORMATS and SUBJECTS: We specialize in MLA format but can work in APA and other formats as well. Our specialty is essays and papers on literature, both poetry and fiction. We can help you write an essay or paper for any topic for any class, so long as you’re writing it in English.

PRICE: We charge based on the job, which can vary widely. So instead of posting prices, we prefer to give you a quote. How does that work? Message us with some details about your assignment, including the due date and whether you’re in the LA area and would like us to meet with you in person. We may write back with some questions, but once we have all the information we need, we will let you know by email how much we would charge for your job.

One last note. We know it’s tough to ask for help. Everyone has been taught that we write papers ourselves or else it’s somehow cheating. Essay Ace does not condone cheating or plagiarism in any way. All we do is help you; think of us as writing tutors. There is nothing wrong with asking for help when you need it. Consider it an investment in your future. If we help you now, you’ll have a much easier time writing papers in the future. We can give you the tools to do it right the next time.


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